The Blog Dedicated To Following The Historic Dean-1984 Campaign. Er, I mean, The Dean-2004 Campaign. Hey, What Year Is It Anyway?

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

NH rules! Now I just have to try to get support in states with more that 4 delegates...
Another Key Endorsement! View here...

This campaign is really rollin'!
Hello! I'm Howard Dean, and this is my Blog!

I believe in taking this campaign to the people. And I am one cyber-savvy dude. So, I figured, why not start bloggin'? So, I did. And that's what this is: A Blog. Not just any Blog, but my Blog. Yeah.

I figure we Dems are gonna get shredded in 2004, just like in 1984; that explains the address of this site.

So, That's all for now. Oh, yeah, one last thing: Never call me "Howie". Just call me Doctor.

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